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“People like us” is an idea born from the pure joy of the present moment. A moment weaved through intuition, inspiration, and a clear vision of the message we want to convey to mankind. As a product of the long-lasting inner development of one human being, it represents a symbol of the Golden Age, an age of unity, purity, weakness, and power of healthy woman energy. This powerful fusion will enlightened transmit the purest vibrations of unconditional love, compassion, and support. “People like us” concept is intended for all Goddesses who walk on Earth but also for those who are on their way to becoming ones.

We are Gentlewomen, we follow our hearts and we think that it is from a big value #WhoMakeYourClothes, so every single piece is made with love and has a personal sentimental imprint. This is the exact reason why our quality is not just in our materials and products but in the whole being of persons who make it. That individuals think that there is #SoManySpecialWomenInTheWorld who deserves a piece that has been given special attention to every detail, a piece made by hand, and a piece made in a special environment - our HUB in the heart of Belgrade. By combining the most natural and high-quality materials, alongside with magic of our idea, the materials, and spiritual principles are united, so the Goddess who heals humanity is being born.

With some of our projects like “Let’s shine together”, for Vanilla sweater, we wanted to convey women that they are the light of their souls and that we need to inspire the world together. We wanted to say them to follow their hearts, go where they feel most alive because true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. And that we made the perfect product to accompany all those things.

On the other hand, our newest project for Toga dresses shows how challenging it is to become the Gentlewoman when you are a wild child. That women need to be naturally in a state of joy, peace, gratitude, and happiness. To send energy healing transmissions via her voice, move, and touch, to harmonize her environment with her presence. To love fearlessly and serves altruistically.

That why we have a community in which all those characteristics are found in the women who follow our work and feel the message we want to share.

Our mission is to bring back a healthy female principle that is characterized by tenderness, femininity, spontaneity, purity, and harmony.


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