And again, freedom

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Here we are at the end of another not so beautiful period in the lives of us all. The whole world is gripped by an unpredictable moment from which we should learn many lessons. The fact is that we had limited movement, that we could not visit our loved ones, that our new fashion details became masks and gloves.

But the fact is that we have had time to devote ourselves, our family, our spirit, mind, and body, and some of us have dedicated ourselves even to our fashion style.

That is why we ask you, what will you do and what are you gonna wear after the quarantine?

Many women were missing a hairdresser, beautician, manicurist, and pedicurist at this time. Are you one of them, or can you hardly wait to not have to go to the hairdresser every day, not to get ready for work, to wear heels and make-up? Are you already planning your outfit for the first day of work after quarantine, or will you continue with the more cozy quarantine pieces you are used to? Were you just waiting to get dressed and take your dog for a walk and take the opportunity for the only moment outside? Were you one of those who have Zoom and Skype calls with a shirt up and a tracksuit down? Have you decided after this period to change something on yourself?

All of these issues are directly connected with freedom. Freedom and our future choices. Will we finally learn to appreciate quality. Quality of life, nature, and even the clothes we buy and wear.

That's why we have a clear message for you - Feel free, feel cozy, feel sexy. Feel like a goddess. Wear higher quality materials because it is precisely this situation that should have taught us to appreciate the world. Buy less, but invest in quality. Do not rush. Do not blindly follow fast fashion. Find yourself. Enjoy pieces like kimonos and toga dresses, because that's what you feel free, it's what reminds you of the sun, the sun we all need now in any form. Pick a piece that won't close you, tighten you, give you restraints. Pick a piece that will be you. This is why we bring together what belongs together.

We know that there are so many special women in the world and that you are one of them. You are the one who will recognize our message that everything is an experience when you want to feel alive. Therefore, do not neglect your hobbies. Fill your spirit and body, be a gentlewoman.


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