by Milica Pešterac
We all have our own way of thinking, our way of life, our way of style. But have you ever wondered which is the right one? The whole life is ahead of us to find out. But here are some directives. We need to find the way where we live our...

We bring together what belongs together

by Milica Pešterac
“People like us” is an idea born from the pure joy of the present moment. A moment weaved through intuition, inspiration, and a clear vision of the message we want to convey to mankind. As a product of the long-lasting inner development of one...

And again, freedom

by Milica Pešterac
Here we are at the end of another not so beautiful period in the lives of us all. The whole world is gripped by an unpredictable moment from which we should learn many lessons. The fact is that we had limited movement, that we could not visit our...

Let's shine together

by Milica Pešterac
Dear Gentlewomen, we are light. And when we shine, we shine bright. We want to inspire you to live, feel, and look beautiful. To be aware. To say I am the light of my soul. To go where you feel most alive. To find your organic feminine energy...


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